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Company Profile

An enterprise producing plastic foam extruders

Longkou Sunshine Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

The company is located in Longkou Hi tech Industrial Park, Shandong Province. It is an enterprise specializing in the production of plastic foam equipment and provides overall solutions for the processing of polymer materials. It mainly produces PE/PS/PP/TPU/PLA foam sheet production line, EVA foam strip/sealing strip production line, CO2/N2 supercritical fluid filling machine, TPU/EVA foam particle (popcorn) production line, XPS decorative line production line, injection molding foam equipment, and a variety of laboratory test machine series equipment. Since its inception, the company has been in a leading position in the industry, and has obtained a number of advanced technologies in the field of plastic foam and applied for national patents.

Innovation, Pragmatism and Self transcendence

To take innovation as the basis of enterprise development, we should not only innovate in technology, but also in products, markets, management, systems and concepts. The foundation of innovation is to achieve it on a down-to-earth basis. Enterprises and employees constantly challenge themselves, set goals beyond themselves, and never become complacent. We take perfection, continuous innovation and excellence as our goal, which is also our ultimate development philosophy.

Innovative technology service resources

Continuously improve the technical level of employees and increase the technical content of the enterprise; Constantly innovate their own operation mode, meet the requirements of the market and customers, and strive for their influence.

Customer needs Customer satisfaction

We fully consider the needs of customers, extend our services to pre-sales, and take "customer satisfaction" as the standard to measure our services. While we try our best to meet the needs of users, we also provide customers with a variety of personalized service models, turning customer needs into reality, and achieving a win-win situation to a large extent.


Production experience in the core team




Production workshop 5200 square meters


Product foaming production line